Friday, 8 May 2009

"cool, but a bit demented"

(Says the trailer, not me!)

Looks like the kawaii fairy goth A Witch's Tale may not be complete vaporware after all. Yay!

As for my conundrum of what to do with my Amazon US gift certificate, I... spent it on a book and some manga, and then bought a copy of the Japanese-only Witch Touching Game elsewhere, even though I won't really be able to play it.

Things I'm checking ebay for: Lux Pain, Rhapsody
Things I insist I'm going to buy when they come out: Devil Survivor


Anonymous said...

I've seen copies of Lux Pain and Rhapsody at local Gamestop and Best Buy stores for $20 each. If you use eBay, don't pay much more. They're not bad, but Lux Pain has many embarrassing inconsistencies, and even though this version of Rhapsody has spoken Japanese dialogue and less tedious combat/exploration, it's still an average RPG.

Also, Sakura Taisen 5 was just confirmed for localization. What do you think?

Whiner said...

Yeah, that's why they're ebay titles... I'll play them if I find them cheap, but I won't feel let down if I don't find copies either. Unfortunately I loaned my copy of Magical Starsign to someone else, so I'm really a bit short of things to play on the DS at the moment. Which may mean I'll finally force myself to finish Phoenix Wright. (A certain character's death was such a mood-breaker for me that I lost heart and never completed it.)

I know practically nothing about Sakura Wars except that it has some very enthusiastic fans. Considering that I haven't even bothered playing whichever Persona game we have on our PS2, I doubt I'm likely to import a PS2 game.