Sunday, 3 May 2009

i can has graphics?

The power of cutting-and-pasting to put games together doesn't end with Limbo of the Lost. Of course, it didn't begin there either. More games than you may realise are guilty of a little bit of asset borrowing somewhere or other, sometimes because of legitimate mistakes (a placeholder that accidentally stayed in the final build, a contracted artist who passed something off as original when it wasn't), sometimes because of low budget or lack of imagination leading to "Just try to make something that looks like this, okay?" that comes out pretty obviously referenced.

But what Limbo of the Lost taught us is that if you find one egregiously blatant bit of art theft, you'll probably find more than one in the same game.

Something called 'Civony' has apparently not only been stealing their sprites from Age of Kings, but stealing their ad banners from costume sites.

If the code for the browser 'game' itself turns out to have been lifted as well, I doubt anyone will be surprised...

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