Friday, 24 July 2009

bionic heart

first ending reached was 'great scientist'. Although as a transhumanist myself I think the character needed to get over some of his reluctance to upload!

The PC's relationships with other characters are kinda frustrating. I spent most of the game trying to get him to break up with Helen, yet despite destroying their relationship he still vaguely mumbled that he loved her every now and then... Without ever seeming to have any REASON for it. Other than, I suppose, sex.

But that's often a problem in relationship games, when the player and the character are at odds. More often the other way around, when you the player are trying to make the PC pursue a girl that the PC doesn't, by default, find very attractive.

I just wanted to make him tell her it was over, and move on. I'm not clear on why that was never an option... even when they finally broke up for good he was still bitter about it, despite clearly not being all that interested in her!

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