Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Deadly Sin

Seem to be a lot of these RPG Maker console-style games out around now, don't they? And this one's tiny (not even up to 640x480!) and purely keyboard-driven, no mouse.

So, what's so interesting about Deadly Sins?

The first thing you'll notice is the combat.

Not only is there a pretty backdrop, but there's also a big, non-chibi sprite for the player. And she *animates*! Attack with your bow and you'll actually see her draw an arrow and fire. Rare, for these little indie RPGs. (The monsters are not equally animated, though.)

The second thing you'll notice is the skills system.

You have skill points, you can choose where to spend them, and you can see a bunch of available upcoming skills. Nice.

... It also helps that there's pretty music and fluent English. :)

If your interest is piqued, try the free demo.
(It's a bit of a big download because of the music.)


Phil said...

Hi, I'm the creator of Deadly Sin.

Alt-Enter toggles full screen mode. No more tiny game.

The Rampant Coyote said...

But have you had a chance to PLAY much of it yet? :)

I'm taking this one with me on vacation. Hopefully I'll be able to report it beaten when I get back.

Whiner said...

Not really - I'm terribly busy and easily distracted, and therefore slightly put off by the lack of save-anywhere. These days I play mostly casual games in very small doses or DS games that can be closed and set aside at a whim...

Whiner said...

If I *had* vacations it might be a different story! :)