Sunday, 12 July 2009

the difference between me and you

is that when I see a newly-released game entitled 'Angel Cat Sugar', I'm actually interested.

Of course, I'm sure to be crushingly disappointed, but I can always imagine that someone will have dared to make something cute and also more entertaining than licking a battery.

(Looking it up, it appears to be Sanrio-related. Which means they're at least not *embarassed* to be making something cute. However, I also can't find so much as a single screenshot.... scratch that, here we go, but there's still no info on actual gameplay. Bad sign. And it's probably meant for toddlers.)

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Anonymous said...

Just so you know, the blog Heartless Doll (related to the alternative newspaper SF Weekly) is looking at a few young-girl-oriented DS games and asking, "Are girl games as offensive as Grand Theft Auto?" Be sure to read the article.