Saturday, 8 August 2009

shine a little light

I still wish these things had more plot.

So, my latest discount casual game credit rolls around, and I remind myself that I'm supposed to be spending these things on stuff I wouldn't normally buy - it's research, and not feeling bad about paying such an undercut price. :) What am I getting this time? An 'adventure' game (read: a really upscale hidden object game) called Enlightenus.

Like Dream Chronicles before it, it's very pretty, more complicated than just finding a list of stuff, and even has multiple locations to wander around in, finding thing in spot A to use in place B, like 'full' adventure games. Unlike Dream Chronicles, it actually runs on my computer and is more than half an hour long. (Although I suspect it may still be on the short side...)

Also, like a 'real' adventure game, it's complicated enough that you can manage to get yourself stuck and need to go looking up advice to figure out what to do next.

The "hidden object" section is similar to inventory-adventures; instead of looking for a known item, you have a bunch of items and you try to figure out what item in the picture you could combine your item with, to change the environment or create something new. You might need to add batteries to a flashlight in order to turn it on, and thus reveal some other object in the setting.

So you get the constant sense of exploration and toy as you play with things and see their reactions.

But, well... it could still use more story. :)

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