Tuesday, 25 August 2009

stupid obnoxious game websites

I really hate the way some big websites auto-generate pages and claim to be the Internet's Premier Source Of Information for Title X with walkthroughs, cheats, and more... when in fact they don't have so much as a box image from the damned game.

And I know they don't care, and are more interested in exploiting their search engine dominance than in helping me to actually find any information about obscure titles.

Anyhoo. There appears to be an upcoming (or already released, dates vary and I can't tell) little DS title called "Sarah: Keeper of the Unicorn". Which, logically enough, is about taking care of a unicorn. I can't find much information about it other than useless gamespot spam, but the pictures on Amazon remind me a little bit of Wandering Willows, if you'll be going around planting things and trying to get your unicorn's stats up.

From Allgame:

Sarah: Keeper of the Unicorn is a fantasy adventure game that combines the nurturing aspects of life development sims with the exploration of a traditional adventure title. Gamers search an open world for valuables that can be used to purchase useful items and food for a growing unicorn, with the hope of eventually raising the magical young filly or colt until it is strong enough to go on a fantastic journey.

From Amazon:

Long ago, humans and unicorns lived in peace with one another. But soon evil would rise from the shadows as humans began hunting unicorns for their precious horns. The unicorns would soon disappear from the magical forest, never to return again. Discover keys to ancient temples and brave enchanted lands as you solve mysterious riddles in order to return the unicorns to safety. Join Sarah in a magical journey!

(emphasis mine)

While of course the only thing resembling a gaming news site that even mentions the title does so in order to make fun of it, there's a small chance that's actually somewhat entertaining. Gee. Wouldn't it be nice if a gaming review site actually reviewed games?

(Of course, varying release dates and limited availability also suggest it really may not be out yet.)

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Rio said...

Hey, what a coincidence! This caught my eye also but with so little info about it, it's pretty much on the low end of my buy spectrum.

The company is also making another game called Princess Lillifee's Magic Fairy. I just love the artwork. So cute! It looks like it'll be for little children and of course, not much info on this game either.