Friday, 22 January 2010

but i'm not telling

So, I'm starting to fool around with OP animation, even though the script for Date Warp isn't final yet (I just finished Nathaniel's path and am clearing my head before diving in with Rafael). Of course, I know nothing about video stuff, and the only tools I have are fraps and Virtual Dub.

Which means I'm programming the whole animation sequence in GM and planning to record it from there.

This may go horribly wrong when it comes to trying to sync the music and the animation, since fraps slows things down slightly, so what ran right in dev may not behave in recording. But if I can manage to do the whole thing in one take without my computer exploding I should be able to adjust the speed, right?

So far the coding bit is running smoothly enough, and images are happily sliding, spinning, and transitioning. Can't show you anything, though, because neither the art nor the music is complete, I'm running off sketches and rough cuts.

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