Monday, 25 January 2010

IGMaker - Indie Game Maker?

Enterbrain (the people behind RPGMaker) have apparently released a new tool which allows people to make simple action and puzzle games from template, and - here's the interesting bit - publish to PC/Xbox/Flash.


Andrew said...

Hey, I wanted to try to contact you. I'm helping beta test a new game building tool called Stencyl. I've been following/buying your games since Cute Knight, and I think you might like this - as well as probably have great feedback. Is there a way I could get an email address from you as a way to be able to ask them to send you an invite? It can be a throwaway email if you are unsure - I just want to recommend you to the creators and need to have an email address to use. You can send it to mine at triptych at gmail dot com.

Lexington Alexander said...

I've been trying to get into this, but I've been so busy, I have had to stick with RPG Maker and Visionaire Studio for now. I will be excited to see the first significant XBOX game made with IG Maker (Action Game Maker)!