Monday, 2 August 2010

dragon age

Having a bit of trouble grabbing a good screenshot of my PC but here's a try:

In general, she's serious-looking. Restrained anger, staring at you. Neither gorgeous nor ugly (at least, I'm trying not to make her too pretty, that's part of what the silly faint facial marks are for. Also, they emphasize sadness.)

As for the game so far, I have certain expectations of Bioware plots and they fall into line nicely. "Look, the cowardly guy did something cowardly! The blatantly evil guy did something blatantly evil!" I'm sure the concept of hidden depths has occurred to them and the only character who's actually going to stay in my party as opposed to show up and die will turn out to have some, but... :)

Things that would have made the intro scenario (female city elf) more entertaining - The ability to use the fact that I'm a rogue to get me and the other girls out of that mess instead of having to do the typical "wade through fortress killing everything" routine. Also, the option to make out with my cousin. (... Only if I actually rescued her in time!)


David said...

In Bioware RPGs, I keep getting the impression they're populated by actors rather than characters. Maybe it's something to do with the scripted body language and the uncanny valley.

Dragon Age's plot was interesting compared to other Bioware titles. They threw in more moral grey areas, but the main driver is the incredibly old school plot of "kill the big bad demons".

Whiner said...

It's picking up more now that I'm through Ostagar and have actual choices, yeah.