Tuesday, 3 August 2010

generic fantasy plots

Y'know, instead of being Innocent Farm Lad sired by a Passing Stranger Who Might Be Royal, whose Home Village is Doomed, forcing him to his Destiny...

Are there any games where your starting character is a member of the army, who's just had the unfortunate realisation that eir boss is actually the Big Bad?

You know the villain's plans. You have decent equipment and an easy way to get through the lines... you were just a mook anyway, even if the army figures out you're a traitor you can STILL probably pass yourself off as a loyal soldier half the time because people won't remember exactly who you are or what you look like. Those are your advantages. Disadvantages, you're really not a destined hero or half-dragon or anything and you don't have amazing powers. Also any rebels you can find might shoot you on sight for being a member of the eeevil army, or for things you personally took part in that weren't as justified as you thought they were at the time. And defeating the Big Bad is going to require fighting a lot of people who were your friends and brothers in arms. Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention that, actually. I had an idea for a game that had a similar premise, although the politics were little more complicated. I won't be around until I've completed the game I'm doing at the moment.