Sunday, 8 August 2010


Am I the only one who has ridiculously long loading times on this stupid game? Between levels, I mean. I had to play the game in a window so I could go back to reading for the 5+ minutes it takes to load some scenes. And then, of course, when it finally loads it DOES NOT PAUSE and wait for me to switch back to the window, so I miss the beginnings of some scenes.

(Also, bugs, but I didn't patch so they have a little leeway. Sometimes it takes a ridiculously long time for an after-battle event to trigger, and not being sure if I'm supposed to wait or supposed to speak to the nearby NPC means I occasionally get stuck in event loops. And the dialog near the ending referred to the wrong character being chosen as ruler.)

I'd *like* to go back and test more options but the godawful load times sort of make that unappealing even with cheats.

EDIT: This was a bug, patching fixed it, so I went back and ran the cheats and got the alternate outcomes I wanted. ALISTAIR IS MAI WAIFU.

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