Thursday, 7 April 2011


I think I'm going to buy Dragon Age 2.

Not because I've really changed my opinion on the subject any - I have extremely low expectations of everything except elfsex (since, like, the entire world seems to think Merril is the best thing ever). But because Bioware is giving away Mass Effect 2 free to people who buy DA2.

You may remember that I've never played Mass Effect and have had about as much interest in the concept as I do in finding a dead snail on the sidewalk.

Yeah, but... free. And, well, if my major reluctance to both DA2 and ME in general is being worried that I won't enjoy it enough to be worth it, packing them in together at the same price to double the odds does kinda help. Also, my endless trickle of store credit (I don't have quite enough but I do have SOME) means that I ought to be getting both games for under $20 cash expense, which means I can claim that I'm buying DA2 for $10, which is how much I said I was willing to spend on it in the first place. Tortured logic much?

So I post this just so you can watch the twisty thought-processes of someone lured by a bargain on things she didn't really want.

I haven't done it yet though. I'm just... probably going to.


AndyB said...

Blimey, how about just save the money for a really good game that you'll enjoy?

Whiner said...

That requires knowing what a really good game that I'll enjoy *is*. My tastes are odd and people really don't make games that cater exactly to them (which is one of the reasons I got into game-making myself!) There ain't NOBODY making an AAA title that I can reliably say "THAT. THAT IS WHAT I WANT."

I'm quite certain DA2 is worth >$10 to me, I'd instantly pay that, no questions asked. I'm also quite certain DA2 is not worth $60 of fun to me, which is why I haven't bought it.

Being offered a free pack-in of something I would never buy that has a possibility of being surprise fun changes the odds. Also, I was almost certainly going to play DA2 _eventually_, I was just planning on waiting for a really good deal on it. So.