Saturday, 30 April 2011


There's another news post on indiedb talking about some of the most recent additions (with mild spoilers possible, so if you want to see the dungeons totally unspoiled, don't go there)

In general, while my being ill and the last dungeon being very complicated means we can't make our most optimistic targets, things are going nicely. There have been some big developments in the plot lately (cue players spluttering), the script writing is now in the last month of the story, and the art for the May Day Ball is starting to come in. I still can't get a proper lint count because my script is well ahead of what's actually been implemented, but we certainly passed 100,000 a while ago.

Since content-completion is near, the pre-order price will soon be going up again (to $19.95, out of the final price of $24.95) There will be discount opportunities after the game is final, but your best bet for a cheap price is to get in early!

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