Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Also, they're having a 'contest' for people to pick their favorite design for default FemShep for ME3. Except they're ALL way too young and wearing too much makeup for their position. Sure, I strongly doubt anyone looking like my Shepard would win out over looks-like-a-final-fantasy-blondie but...

I don't get it. FemHawke was a striking design, I was tempted to play as her.

Why does Mass Effect feel like it's made by totally different people... and skeevy ones? Stop bombarding me with female-only strippers and drugged women kept as sex slaves and NPCs suggesting my character is a whore! Stop dressing all my female team members in skimpy/tight clothes and all my male ones in bulky armor! Stop feeding me a universe where most of the alien species keep their women locked in cages on the homeworld!

I'm a boob-loving sci-fi fan and *I* feel repeatedly creeped out by this game.

Naturally looking for anyone else's opinions leads me to bioware forum threads full of 'fans' whose response to any criticism is "THIS IS WHY NO ONE TAKES FEMINISTS SERIOUSLY" and "LOL U SHOULD BE GLAD YOU CAN PLAY A FEMALE AT ALL NOW MAKE ME A SANDWICH". Siiiiiiigh.

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Anonymous said...

It's all a little strange to me. What was wrong with the default female Sheppard used in the other two games?

I have this weird theory that Bioware just didn't care when they made female Sheppard. "Women don't play this game," they said to themselves, so it doesn't matter.

Then they realized that women do play the game. And some people actually prefer the female Sheppard to the male one. And now they're like, "Wait, people care? Then let's doll her up, because all women care about is looking pretty, right?"

They all ready had this demographic, but didn't know it. Now that they do know it, they're trying to change better appeal to that demographic?

It would be like if J.K. Rowling never realized that adults like her books, too. So when she releases the newest Harry Potter, she adds in a bunch of swearing, rape, gore and sex because that's what adults like, right? It just kind of misses the point.