Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sandy Hawke

My mage build.

After the super-butch look forced by the equipment at the start of the game:

I then eventually had to go to the trouble of hacking my save file to create equipment for her later, because this character does not want the slinky dress-robes that make up 90% of the mage equipment! (Not to mention it's crazy for roleplaying purposes to be running around in magerobes with a huge staff, considering the plot.)

So here I am in all my androgynous glory.

... yes, I do intend to do the f/f romances with this character but that's a coincidence honest!

Disappointed that being blond did not alter my starting family... that feature doesn't seem to be nearly as well-implemented as they'd suggested. Oh well.

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Tagiri said...

I think that I read somewhere that the Hawke family always has black hair so that they don't look foolish with different skintones.

Found a mention of it here: