Thursday, 15 September 2011

baby steps

I figured it was about time I bothered to actually read the RenPy code myself instead of dumping everything on Spiky all the time, especially since I'm trying to do a small project which will be a pure VN and thus not require someone who can hack the internals to do ridiculous minigames :)

So far, I have managed to build my complicated dialog display structure which looks sufficiently different, put together images with long lists of composites, scales, and cropping in order to generate both sprite and side-image, gotten the blasted window to stay up during dissolves, and run into a problem that is probably an unnoticed bug in the version of RenPy I'm using. (Yes, classic newbie arrogance to think you've found a bug, but nobody who's looked at it can see any reason it shouldn't work, and others have verified code that "works" isn't working, so it looks to me like the on-hover text is broken and it's just that nobody uses it so nobody cared.)

All that for this:

(Note - this is not actual in-game dialog, this is me testing stuff.)

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