Friday, 16 September 2011

this will get boring to read fast

Today's exciting adventures:

creating a decorative non-centered NVL mode
smoothly dissolving in and out of it while dealing with windows that, when not in NVL, are meant to stay visible during transitions
completely rewriting all the buttons and putting them into overlay layers so that they will stay up during transitions (Two different button menus, depending on whether we're NVL or ADV at the time. This game has long narrative passages.)
squeeing over artist sketches
... not writing an awful lot of script

Trying to find answers in the documentation is rather like divination so far, but at least it's quick to reload.

(also, feebly trying to design a banner so we have something to hang on our pipe structure come yaoicon)

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Anonymous said...

I for one look forward to, one day, understanding what all those terms mean ... baby steps, baby steps.

I just completed the demo of Magical Diary, by the way, which brought me to the blog; I really enjoyed the snippet, and the game is definitely on my to-buy list when my bank balance is looking a little happier!