Wednesday, 14 September 2011

subconscious confusion

So, I dreamed I had a job at an office while working on games, and I had apparently signed away merchandising rights for cash, and this Mysterious Old Man was delivering product samples to me, so I was displaying them on my cubicletop.

One of the boxes was labeled "Petime" - which confused me because even in my sleep I was pretty sure that wasn't MY character.

It turns out it was some sort of bizarre hybrid of Petime from Lucky Rabbit Reflex and (so far unseen to players) Barbara from Magical Diary. Her hair was in multiple colors (including blonde, brown, and purple) and her face was painted black to represent her ninja nature. She came with tiny little weapons and a maniacal grin.

Of course given the art design of Magical Diary I would *love* to have mix-and-match Pinky Street figures for it, but, um, not gonna happen in the waking world. :)

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