Friday, 9 December 2011

gay cooties!

After having finished my playthrough of the first Baldur's Gate, I have had the vague intention of trying another run on BG2 with some things I hadn't done before - trying to alter class (I don't think i've ever played a cleric as my main) and attempting the infamous Imoen Romance Mod.

I was surprised and perturbed by discovering this thread (SPOILERS!!! As is this post!!!) in which a number of male players protested that they were shocked and confused when Imoen confessed to them that she had always thought she was a lesbian until she fell for $MalePC. That this was so jarring and upsetting that it should be excised entirely from the male path.

So, right. You're a part-demon who is attempting to sleep with your half-sister... and the thing that ruins it all for you is that she is so attracted to you that it overwhelms her love for boobs?

(Interestingly, no one dared suggest that the lesbian option shouldn't exist for players who wanted it. Just that the Imoen THEY wanted to sleep with should not be in any way gay.)

And here I thought "turning a lesbian straight" was supposed to be a popular dumb fantasy... (But then, people are far from homogenous, obviously.)

On the other hand, it seems that someone has finally finished a Haer'Dalis mod, which might tempt me in a different direction... (Although that also sort of makes me want to resurrect the evil female mage I played who I *did* ship with HD way back when...)

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