Wednesday, 7 December 2011

not dead

Despite posting very little lately, I have actually been playing an awful lot of games in the past couple of weeks.

It's just that many of them aren't things I can really talk about yet. :)

What can I talk about? Um...

Well, there's To The Moon, which is more or less a kinetic novel in RPG format. (There are some minor puzzles and you have to poke around a little to keep the story progressing, but it is ALL about reading the story.)

Sentimental drama with humor interspersed (after all, you need the contrast to feel the sad bits). If you are cool with reading a story in videogame format, you should like this. Also, it has a well-designed original soundtrack. Lots more information and trailer videos available at the official website.

Also played through a little lovecraft fangame - it's too short to really recommend it unless you're a massive fan of the style, since like many such stories it mostly boils down to "Some weird stuff happened once but was it real???", which isn't really a plot that will live in your mind forever. :) Still, it has some nice touches for atmosphere at times. More resources would obviously help, but is there anyone that isn't true for?

Lacked the time to actually play it, but became aware of Alarys Complex, an RPG in development that is *not* RPGMaker, but is trying very hard to look like it is. Has some interesting ideas about conversational choice/presentation and working with "ambient" text. Game has been under development for a long time apparently and has a big pile of words in it; it's not out, but there is a public demo.

Can't really update you on my own development either, due to the ever-present problem of other people being busy. *taps email impatiently*

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