Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Long Live the Queen

At last, we have a few clothing items finished so I can show you a picture of the princess for our ruling sim Long Live The Queen!

She's not always that sad, of course, her mood changes based on events and the activities the player chooses. But she does start off sad, since after all, a tragedy in the family has just happened in order for her to be put on the throne at such a young age.

Elodie's mood affects how she learns skills - she's eager to learn Conversation skills when she's Lonely, but terrible at handling Weapons when she's Afraid. You'll have to manage her emotions in order to maximise skill gain.

This is not a huge sprawling epic with heavy character interaction or an RPG; it's a number-crunching sim where things will probably go terribly wrong on your first few playthroughs, so just keep trying until you manage something resembling happily ever after :)

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Wadjet Eye said...

Looks adorable, but can it still be a "princess simulator" if she's on the throne? Although, "queen simulator" makes it sound like she should be singing Judy Garland, so maybe you've got the right idea. :)

Whiner said...

She's just short of legal majority (15 in this setting; she's 14) at the start of the game and therefore not technically crowned Queen until the end. Thus the frantic studying and preparations.

Lexington Alexander said...

This is exciting! I am actually thinking about making a prince maker game, but based on my poll, a sim where "mother raises daughter" received the most votes. I am curious to see how this does in the western market in the indie space.

Is the background a stub? I think I would prefer a 2D background with no texture map on the floor.

miruki said...

Looks adorable! Can't wait for you to reveal more about the game. :) I'd really like it, if there would be at least little hints of a romantic plot for the marriage candidates, but I'm already plenty of pleased with that cute princess and stat raising mechanics.