Wednesday, 24 October 2012

igf quickies batch 2

Cargo Commander - ... sounds potentially awesome, similar in theme to the roguelike that we're REALLY NOT WORKING ON REALLY over here. But while the ideas sound quite similar just a glance at the video and it's a VERY different game.

Contrast - I think I've looked at this before and been curious about it.

Cradle - It's a sci-fi adventure. It has a yurt. I am all for this.

Cubetractor - Interesting mechanic, cute retro arcade look. Could do without the inflated language in the promo though :)

Dark Scavenger - Heard interesting things abotu this in the past.

Deadlight - A bit obvious on ticking off the appeal boxes but may do well with people other than me. Really not rubbing me right.

Delver's Drop - wow that's an uninformative main image. the game itself is a zelda-style with too many light effects. eh.

Don't Starve - Interesting visual style, vague hints of possibly cool story and gameplay, curious to know more.

Dramagame - Online LARP? Online LARP. I wonder if anyone's ever entered space station 13 here?

Drawception - ... I am surprised this was legally allowed to enter. If it wins anything I will go on a huge rant about how much the IGF sucks. But I can't be the only one who's looking at that with disapproval, surely.

Drox Operative - it describes itself with RPG in the title and mentions a backstory but all the video shows is shooty shooty shooty. Not Interested.

Dungeon Hearts - Wow. Worst Video Ever. 1:30 of the heroes running in place in their run animation as different environments scroll by beneath them. Gameplay shown - none. Story shown - none. Point - none.

Dust and Dustforce, two games I've both heard of and tend to get confused!

Eador - Strategy game with a branching plot and roleplaying choices? I am interested.

Eets Munchies - Hey, an Eets sequel? That's been a while!

Fighting Words - From a quick glance it sounds like it would be more fun as an actual card game for party nights...

Finitris: I'm not sure I get it but I'm curious.

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