Saturday, 16 March 2013

video killed the radio star

Inspired by a certain LP forum, thinking of "The Movies" and thinking of people squeeing over anime romance... what about a management sim in which you are running a music video production studio?

The obvious comparison is Star Project, but in this case, you're not creating a star, you're creating the background that stars come in and use. You're hiring backup dancers, building sets, preparing makeup and costumes, etc. You have limited interaction with the REAL stars, who mostly diva in and complain about stuff, but your individual studio members (all random/custom, no set plots) can develop complex procedural relationships over time, and the current state of their relationships affects how they work together. It can slow down your production schedule if your dancers are off snogging in the changing room... or if your makeup artist hates her ex so much that she carries out sabotage...

Like The Movies, you're mostly trying to keep your studio afloat and raise your reputation, while producing little video sequences that you can save and watch. Add features to allow players to sync their own songs to videos, and I think people would have fun with it...

Definitely not working on this myself, just an idea. Maybe I just want to see everyone in fishnets, torn clothes, and wild 80s hair.

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