Friday, 30 October 2009

but whose fantasy is it?

We finally managed to play through a full game of Dokapon Journey - the connection *still* reset several hours in, but by that point it was close enough to done that we could finish on one DS.

There is, afaict, no extra dialog written to cover the fact that your female hero is winning the hand of the princess. The princess still seems very excited, and the king says he can't wait to see the grandchildren. However, there are no smoochie pics (I don't think there would be with the male hero either). Alas!

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Rio said...

Don't you just hate it when that happens? There's this one strategy game I played on the SNES called Gemfire. Love it to death! All the rulers were men except for one. I was totally expecting a different ending when I played as the woman but noooooo - it's the same ending with a guy "rescuing the princess" not a woman helping out a fellow woman. Totally not cool to see it still happening in games of today. :\