Thursday, 1 October 2009


(Hmm, do I need a new blog tag for 'Wacky physics-based puzzling'?)

One cannot help but admit that it is kawaii.

Don't know how import-friendly it will eventually be. There's clearly dialog, but if the bulk of the game is platform-puzzling, it should be okay, right? However, while it looks like the sort of thing I'd poke at demos for on dojin sites, I'm dubious it would live up to the expense of a full import, especially considering I have a STACK of DS games to play at the moment and I still haven't even purchased Devil Survivor or Layton 2 or the new Mario RPG or...

Did I mention I have a copy of the notorious Doki Doki Majo Shinpan (well, the sequel) and haven't yet actually attempted to play it? (I have a friend who can read Japanese, though, and *he's* been amused by it... apparently one of the witches threatened to turn the PC into a comedian...)

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Rio said...

Hey, you noticed this game too? I had my eye on this as well. It's very cute looking and the platform aspect looks fun.