Friday, 2 October 2009

which witch?

Poking around, a review for A Witch's Tale (due out in English this week) suggests that it's really easy.

Considering my gaming backlog, that's probably a good thing. Especially with a handheld game (where it's much harder to CHEAT if I get fed up, or to maintain separate saves for strategy testing) I don't necessarily want all that much challenge. It depends on the game, really. A little action-puzzle with individual challenges to master is fun. (Witness my Peggle *obsession*, as I try to rack up bonus challenges... and since I'm on vacation I'm going to have to do it all over again when I get home and reinstall!) But when I'm just following a story I tend not to want to have to pick myself up too many times... especially if it means having to do boring grinding in order to progress.

(I'm not really the biggest JRPG fan actually. And the idea of boss battles that take hours sounds BAD to me.)

However, I still may not bother to pick it up new because I just have too many games right now! I should really get through Rhapsody (which I haven't even started) before I grab another simple RPG.

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Rio said...

That's good to hear. I used to not mind grinding but I don't have much time anymore (and with a backlog of games too) so tough games with lots of grinding gets an automatic pass from me.

Btw, your title reminds me of a book by Eva Ibbotson. :D