Thursday, 6 January 2011

Dear Stan Woo

Just because some guy on a blog somewhere ranted that Dragon Age was too fluffy because people weren't as oppressed as they were in the Witcher is no reason to start your OWN complaint that Bioware could not possibly put dark-skinned humans in the sequel without ushering in a creative apocalypse.

As some other people discussing the subject have pointed out, his public (and pseudo-official, since he posts as a known Bioware employee) dismissal of the issue seems at odds with what was presumed to be company policy - one person who played Awakening (I didn't) commented that there was much more variation in skin-color among the NPCs in that expansion than Origins, and the whole thing about your family in the upcoming DA2 having flexible designs to match the coloring of the player-designed PC, all of this seemed to suggest Bioware was trying to address the perceived shortcomings of Origins when it came to inclusiveness. Maybe he didn't get the memo?

Ah, the dangers of engaging with the player community.

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