Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Report: 3DS will not be purchased by me

Not like I needed much help to make that decision, what with my own visual difficulties with 3d making me extremely unenthused by the "exciting" new effects (which I may not be even able to perceive!) and the focus on gameplay of sorts that I don't like, and my memories of the Virtual Boy, and the health warnings reporting that the stupid thing is dangerous to use...

But no, they had to decide to add region-locking TO A HANDHELD. You know, a console used by PEOPLE WHO TRAVEL.

Why do companies keep actively refusing to take my money?

Oh well, at least I'll hopefully be able to clean up on all the games I haven't played yet when stupid trendy people decide to 'move on' to a system that refuses to let them play games on it. There's tons of DS stuff I haven't had time for yet. I'm set for a long time.

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