Wednesday, 19 January 2011

the past is a foreign country

An addendum to my earlier posts on the subject...

While reading through reviews of trashy romance novels (I love them! The reviews, I mean. I don't read the actual books, the reviews are far more entertaining!) I stumbled into a review of a "bisexual" romance novel, something I didn't even know existed (There's a romance category for stories in which the hero has both a boyfriend and a girlfriend? Heh.) and from there, to a discussion the author was having over people being puzzled by her treatment of the homosexual side of the love affair in a historical romance.

Reading the actual journal link will tell you what book I am spoiling the plot of, and I won't say it here, but basically the book includes at some point a same-sex marriage ceremony. In Olde Englande. Shokku! But, as the author points out, they actually happened. Sure, it wasn't exactly legal and being caught being gay got you hanged, but they still existed and held wedding ceremonies, that's not a modern invention.

Doesn't mean this sort of thing has to be included in every story, but it's not "fake" to include it!

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