Tuesday, 25 January 2011


There's an awesome review of Date Warp up at GameSetWatch, and a preview of Magical Diary at Gamezebo (although if you read this blog, you already know everything in that preview, so there's no need to look).

We're currently working on putting in a quickbar for spellcasting in the dungeons, so that you can save a bit of clicking when your preferred strategy involves casting Truesight on every nook and cranny just in case there's an invisible pink unicorn there. Actually, we have a bar sort-of working already, it's just not pretty enough for screenshots yet.

Magical Diary alpha-test updates are now hitting a big dead zone, partly because see-below, partly because things have been meandering along being fun and chummy up until Christmas break, but now as things become more serious I need to write events over a larger period that won't make sense released in bits and bites along the way. Don't know if I'm going to try and write all the paths simultaneously or one-at-a-time... one-at-a-time is easier on me but it will confuse testers more, unless I ONLY allow people to proceed if they're on a path that's being actively developed.

And with that, I'm disappearing for a week, because I'm off to a gaming convention to do tabletop and LARP stuff. I will be red-shirting for a starship simulator and tittering my way through a Victorian murder mystery, while trying not to freeze or fall off a cliff. (The location is an erosion zone. No gamers that I know of have gone off a cliff, but the cliffs grow ever closer.) There will almost certainly be Cthulhu at some point.

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