Friday, 18 May 2012

bad brain! stop doing that!

(fragments of random conversation, restructured to remove chat details)

Maybe you process stress as gloom. So while I'm GOING CRAZEEEEEEEE you just form little black clouds.

Little black ships. Big black ships. Then they eat the sky.

... must not try to design a game out of that.

Why not? ... aside from the fact that TOO MANY GAMES TO MAKE

The image in my mind is no the image in your mind, I don't think, but it is WEIRD and has potential for WEIRD USES. Gloomy people walking through city skyscraper streets with their emotions manifesting as little black battleships around their heads, engaged in some sort of ongoing war This is a neat visual but #%@ if I know how to make use of it in anything.

... I suppose you could have a 3d walkaround mode where you SEE people trapped in their glooms, and then you enter retro shooter mode to defeat their psyches?


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Kazriko said...

Hah. Do what Tim Schaefer does and combine a few different ideas to make one game. That should reduce the ideas pile a bit.