Friday, 4 May 2012

today in gamer culture

as seen on the steam forums

Her? As in it was written by a woman? I see... Hm, on second thoughts maybe I'll just skip this title.

It looked good like a good game, but it's not really a game or at least not what I would define as a game.

I'm glad I decided to ask here on the Forums instead of buying on impulse, saved myself a few pounds and a subsequent rage post expressing my dissatisfaction.

Warlock - Master of the Arcane is coming out on the 8th, think I'll just get it when it comes out.

Anyway, a big thanks to everyone for informing me about this game, especially those who dropped that the writer was a female.

Now, obviously, this is just one person, and the post got a lot of "WTF???" followups. I am not claiming that all or even most gamers are like this.

Person tried to justify that most books written by women don't resonate with em. Which is a reasonable preference to have; I find that female authors on average click better with me than male ones do. However, I still read things by male authors - and some of them have exactly the same characteristics I like in my female authors. Because all men are not the same!


Kazriko said...

Definitely a wtf. I choose my games/books/anime based on genre, not the identity of the author. You can feel a bit of difference between them, but overall I'll be annoyed at either if I'm reading something in a genre that I don't enjoy. I enjoy Elizabeth Moon or Mercedes Lackey books much more than Stephen King or Dean Koontz.

As a selection criteria for creativity, gender of the creator is a pretty poor one to utilize.

Xiang Xiang said...

Read that thread. Had to stop because it was hurting my head. People have very, very strange ideas about feminism.