Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fanime Artist Alley Sales Figures

A lot of us indie types don't talk sales figures much, for a lot of reasons - mostly because it immediately opens you up to a bunch of pointless heckling and comparisons and judgments by people who don't really know what they're talking about.

However, talking about sales of games at a particular event may be useful to those of you thinking about having a booth of your own in an artist alley, so hey. Why not? (However, I'm just back, tired, and still have a cold. My numbers may not be 100% accurate.)

Event: Fanime 2012
Attendance figures not public yet, but guess 15,000 - 20,000
Days: 4 (Friday 2-8, Sat 10:30-7, Sun 10:30-7, Mon 10:30-3)
No power provided, so other than the OLPC running the Date Warp OP briefly until the battery died, we had no computers or demo capability.

Magical Diary: 22 copies. Complete sellout including misprint discs. Possibly should have brought more.

Science Girls: 19 copies.

Cute Knight Kingdom: 16 - sold out of full boxes (we brought fewer of this game) and went into half-price misprints.

Date Warp: 11 copies.

Long Live The Queen (debut): 31 copies, total sellout and a couple of disappointed people who came back too late. Should have brought more!

Why less for Date Warp than the others? My guess is that while it's one of the higher-priced items on the table, it's also been available at more cons than any other game (so lots of con-going people have it already) and the new box design isn't as cool as the old CD-shaped box (and the covers didn't print as well).

I was surprised that people were happy to buy the $5 CKK misprint discs when there was no box, thus no screenshots and no clue except my vague explanation of what kind of game it even was. But, well, bargain!


Lexington Alexander said...

This is definitely good information for those of us who haven't gone to any cons yet!



Anna said...

Damn, I envy those visitor numbers! Our cons have max 2000-3000 people, mainly because of the building itself.

At which prices did you sell the VNs which weren't reduced? You've got some nice numbers there!

Whiner said...

Non-discount discs were either $10 or $20 (tax included) to cut down on the amount of change required. Ran out of tens briefly at one point but was able to fetch more before it impacted anything.

Haven't yet sat down and totaled up a complete set of costs and taxes-due to see what the real net is, we both came back with colds.