Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club

A little VN newly released in English, but with no demo available. What's a player to do? I haven't had time to go through the whole game yet, but I did buy a copy so that I can give you a little bit more information on this game.

In some ways, it feels more like a socially-fixated high-end RPG Maker game than a visual novel. That isn't entirely a bad thing, though, as it is cute as a button.

You play Miley Verisse, an orange-haired tornado with a tendency to crack jokes every few words, as she tries to gather enough victims recruits to form an official new school club. Problem is, she's only got about a month to do it, and by school rules people can only be part of one club at a time (and most of them already are, or aren't because they hate clubs). So she's going to have to be ridiculously outgoing and use all her charms to try and win over the available girls and guys. To do that, she has to level up her social skills and Topics Of Conversation.

So you go around seeing movies, reading magazines, and watching TV in order to find things to talk about and help you make friends.

It's the interface and especially the control scheme that make this feel more like a console RPG. You have cute animated sprites and they move around and interact with each other. No mouse controls - you'll need the arrow keys and space/enter. When walking around, you can talk to people by walking over them and pressing space. You can also 'run' by holding down space while you move.

Menus will talk about pressing 'OK' and 'Cancel' without actually telling you what those keys are. Space/Enter/C will work for OK. For 'Cancel' type options, press X.

Saving the game you can only do in the evenings by talking to your roommate Harriet. She's your own personal save point and sidekick!

There is no demo for this game, but it's also only $8, so if it sounds like fun it's not much to gamble. You can buy it here.

I may post about it more later if I get back to it, but I am crazy busy (and the no-mouse thing is *slightly* annoying, but I know some people don't care as much.) This is pretty much just to give you the information you would get from the non-existent demo.

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miruki said...

Do you have an USB controller and tried using that? I sure do hope it has controller support, I'm gonna wait for the steam release before I buy it tho. Which is hopefully soon.