Thursday, 1 April 2010

price war, market collapse

It probably comes as a surprise to very few that bubble ("Casual gaming now worth billions!") plus economic turmoil ("Credit crunch!") plus insane pricewars ("Now only $2.99!") has led to a bunch of companies imploding.

Playfirst gave up running their own portal recently - and comments about the price collapse problem here - and today Reflexive announced they're pulling out as well.

BigFishGames is holding on to the lead, but struggling to try and pull the prices back up with the "collector's edition" games.

And for little bitty niche indies like yours truly? Well, hopefully I won't starve. :)

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Rio said...

The upside to this is that hopefully, indie's will start to push their own web sites more and not solely rely on portals. It may also mean that indie's may be able to sell their games at higher prices on portals (maybe not now but in time) and that portals will not do anything so dumb as drop prices for at least 5-10 years when you start seeing the cycle start all over again.