Thursday, 1 April 2010

Discount Visual Novel Downloads

... not an April Fool, honest! Apparently the school year in Japan starts in April? I dunno, but for whatever reason, MangaGamer is putting their school-themed games on sale for the first week of April.

Most of those games are hentai, but there is an all-ages version of Kira☆Kira, which is about a group of students just finishing high school who form a band for fun, and to their surprise it takes off, so they go on a whirlwind tour to ride their success while it lasts and celebrate the end of their childhoods.

It's supposed to be pretty good and have an acceptable translation, although most people I know have played the H version, not the all-ages version. The all-ages is cheaper, though, ESPECIALLY now. I don't usually buy from MG because their DRM makes me nervous, but knocking the price down far enough makes me willing to take a chance. Once. We'll see what happens.

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Andrew said...

You need a feedback link! Wanted to send you this info:,1.shtml

They are going to make a princess maker MMO.