Friday, 16 April 2010

assume makes an ass out of someone else

So I went by Blockbuster (US) to attempt to rent some games.


I had money. They had games. What didn't I have? A bloody driver's license.

I do, in fact, have ID. I even had it on me. My ID is a passport. They wouldn't take it.

Therefore, they don't get my money and I don't get a game. I fail to see how anyone wins in this situation.

(If you know me, you know why I can't possibly get a driver's license or state ID. You might then argue that this means they shouldn't be renting games to me either. I will point out that since they also require my credit card, they would have been perfectly capable of charging me the replacement cost had I taken the games and left the country. I can't rent from Gamefly because my address won't fit in their forms, but that wasn't unexpected.)

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Lexington Alexander said...

I think this has something to do with why Blockbuster is closing all of their stores and going tits up.