Thursday, 15 April 2010

kira kira

So I got the game and have played small bits of it. I'm not really into it yet, and VNs generally pick up a lot as they go on. So far, the main character annoys me.

scene I'm in at the moment (where I paused and saved, so I haven't finished it)

We're in a restaurant. Some drunk guys are hitting on some girls, in awkward/rude drunken ways. Protagonist wonders if the girls are annoyed but hiding it, or if they actually like this treatment, since they don't appear to be protesting.

Girls notice the members of a band they like in the restaurant, so they ditch the initial guys and go drape themselves over the band members.

Abandoned guys get annoyed that they've been abandoned, stand up, and start drunkenly challenging the band members.

Protagonist comments that he is totally on the side of the abandoned guys, because women are just so cold and cruel and emotionless and fickle. The guys were "trying really hard" to pick them up, so they "deserved" better than to be abandoned like that.

Then the protagonist notices that one of the abandoned guys has a nose piercing and instantly loses all sympathy for him.

My response: "Huh?"

This may somewhat be translation problems, as the text is a little rough in a lot of places and the punctuation is missing half the time. If it was meant to be clear that the girls were with the original guys, or at least that they were flirting with the original guys, it might make a fraction of sense... and protagonists being kinda dumb and making stupid judgments is typical in these games. But unless I completely misread/misremembered it, the juxtaposition of "I suspect those women dislike being hit on like that" with "How dare they abandon the drunk guys hitting on them!" seemed really odd.

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Anonymous said...

I purchased the iPod Touch version of Kira Kira not too long ago. As of this writing, I've read at least part of the way through the first chapter -- in other words, a couple hours past the part you described.

I think the male lead Shikanosuke's odd behavior was caused by his lack of familiarity with rock 'n' roll, and the people who perform it. But I could be wrong. And I do admit I felt his characterization can be too naive, and occasionally too angsty.