Friday, 28 October 2011

Dear Customers: PLEASE do research first!

According to a news story, the game 'Darkspore' has been offline for players for over a week due to problems with the DRM, and the company's response is pretty much just 'The EULA says it won't always be available.'

PLEASE don't buy games with insane DRM systems. PLEASE don't assume that all games are like this - they are not!


Of course, on the flip side, I have thousands upon thousands of pirates playing my games, and whining that I'm a horrible evil person for not letting them update their stolen copies to have the latest patches, and that this makes me SO MEAN that they don't want to buy things from me. News flash: You already weren't buying stuff from me. Buy the game and the updater works just fine!

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Kazriko said...

This is one reason why I buy most of the big budget games on PS3 instead of on PC. I have a monster PC that can crush my PS3 underfoot in performance, but so many of those big company big budget titles have crippling DRM on PC.

So my PC game playing mostly consists of indie titles and MMO games where you have to connect to a server anyway.