Saturday, 8 October 2011

Ghost Trick

Something I picked up recently for the DS. It's an adventure game, although its particular gimmick avoids the need to pixel-hunt... it's more that you know exactly what items you can use, the issue is when and in what order. It's also especially notable for the lovely fluid character animations that add a strong sense of personality and fun (helpful when you're dealing with a murder mystery, which could otherwise get depressing!)

As I blogged earlier, it has a free flash demo online.

Most memorable character of those I've encountered so far? Probably the dog. It's a fluffy, yippy little Pomeranian who appears to have a set of kitsune tails and really wants to help, but isn't terribly bright... well, what do you expect? *pets fluffball*

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miruki said...

Have you finished it yet? :)

I've found it to be one of my favourite DS games... nah, games in general even. Played through it in 3 nights, actually telling myself that I'd only play a little before getting some sleep, but I was too addicted to stop until late at night.. ;>

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! :)

I'm still not sure if I find the conclusion of Sissel's identity awesome or a little disappointing. XD