Friday, 28 October 2011

IGF take three

Prom Week - A complicated social simulation of the sort that interests me (Reminds me vaguely of something P and I took notes on designing long ago but gave up on.) Would like to play when it's done.

Red Rogue - A roguelike platformer. I don't entirely understand how it works but the general idea has interest.

Relics and Raiders - The idea of a different sort of co-op multiplayer dungeon raiding is potentially of interest, however the listing is VERY light on detail and I am perturbed that it shows a selection of different avatars, yet they are ALL white and male?

Rigonauts - Build wacky devices. Pit them against enemies. Looks fun.

Sr Mitsu - Draw a path to guide a man around obstacles to pick up olives. I hate olives! It's vaguely cute, I guess. If I had an iphone. Which I don't.

Story Universe - I don't understand what this is, but I'm curious.

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