Friday, 28 October 2011

IGF take two

So, continuing to wander through the list! I should note that I'm skipping over some things that look cool if there's limited information, no videos/playable, and/or the gameplay itself doesn't sound that interesting. This shouldn't be just a pretty pictures contest!

Gunpoint is a sort of spy/stealth/puzzle/heist thingy. I've always thought this sort of idea was fun, although I'm not sure I've actually played one. I remember first reading about a Spy vs Spy game sooooo many years ago back in my ancient gaming magazines...

Hidden in Plain Sight - While this sounds too thin to really be a full game yet, I like the concept it's playing with, of different sorts of multiplayer and (sort of) blending larp with computer games. Playing at being a computer-controlled character and trying to look like something you're not, while interacting with lots of other real people who have their own goals, interests me.

Ittle Dew
- Very clearly inspired by old 2d Zelda "adventure-rpg" games, but looks absolutely adorable and fun. Slight worry in that they plan to release the game in episodes, and that tends to go badly...

Kale in Dinoland - This is interesting partly because it appears to be a protest entry afaik, protesting against the fact that the iphone market doesn't stop people from releasing complete blatant clones of other games. Also, the game they're "porting" looks fairly cute. Not sure what to think of this but it's worth noticing at least. It is full of delicious troll.

Lone Survivor - Pixel survival horror. Sort of cool but I worry it could be too dark (visually) to play enjoyably.

Macguffin's Curse - Oops, the magic amulet is cursed and now you're a werewolf! The art style is really sort of messed up, but it's selling itself on its writing, which is nice to see. Don't know if it actually lives up to its pedigree there, but could be worth checking out.

Match Match Battle - Not really my sort of thing but I haven't seen anyone try to combine Memory and battles before.

Nightmare Cove - A Facebook CYOA? If I weren't afraid to play Facebook games....

Parallax - This is the kind of experimental platforming that is bound to get a lot pfople talking about it, so I don't have to.

Pattern - It's a game about crocheting. Sounds strange enough that I'd try it if I could (but no xbox so)

PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew - A game controlled by making noises! I am amused.

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