Saturday, 29 October 2011

IGF, take four

The Depths To Which I Sink - A game that requires 3d glasses. Points for weird, but I won't be playing it.

The Dustjacket - It's supposed to be about books. Is there any point to it other than waving around a bunch of 3d objects of printed material?

The Floor Is Jelly - The trailer here makes me giggle. BOUNCY! Everything's bouncy and wobbly.

The Iconoclasts - Really cool-looking pixel adventure platformer. Comes from a respectable pedigree too (although my fingers hurt too much to finish some ofhis previous work!)

The Snowfield - An entry in the 'art movie' style of gaming, it seems.

The Swapper - Atmospheric space platformer about leaving piles of dead clones?

Tiny Heroes - A dungeon defense sort of thing. Stop those adventurers!

Toren - Well, it's slightly more accessible than an art movie... I think... but trying to figure out what this is other than "trying to be pretty and poetic" is difficult.

Towerclimb - I have some fondness for procedurally generated gameplay as a concept (although I tend to find it lacking in Meaning as a player)

Ultimate Newcomer - A very unusual-looking RPG.

Vision - Some sort of arty visual novel/platformer?

Warco - Notable for subject matter - it's about being a war correspondent, and the role of an observer in a conflict. The demo video is gripping, although our protagonist seems more resistant to bullets than a real one...

Way - Closing on a more cheerful note, a game about establishing communication with strangers via gesture? Sadly I fear too many random online gamers are derp, but I like the idea.

And that about wraps it up! Note: I'm avoiding mention of lots of games that I've heard of before (or talked about before) because they don't need the signal boost...

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