Tuesday, 27 March 2012


So, if you're in the UK and a gamer you've probably heard about the big GAME/Gamestation meltdown.

Our local shop has NOT (yet) closed, but the looming disaster was enough to get us to go in and grab stacks of cheap console games while we still could. Mostly him getting PS3 stuff (Man, those games discount fast) but I also grabbed a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon title (I know NOTHING about pokemon, but I know someone who's enjoyed a Mystery Dungeon title, and it was five pounds) and Zelda Spirit Tracks. I would have gotten Henry Hatsworth if I could find it but they didn't seem to have a copy.

And a larger DS card carrying case because I've been needing one for ages, and if the shop DOES close then hey, branded keepsake! :) (Although I'll probably decorate it sometime when I'm bored enough. It's black, so perfect for painting on.)
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