Wednesday, 14 March 2012

a sudden silencing

I have not been posting because my internet was suddenly cut off. It is still cut off. I am still pissed off. It is a long and boring story which involves little but average everyday paperwork and incompetency, but which was not in any way my fault. :)

In the meantime, I have been working on writing a project which I have shown hints of here in the past but never quite publicly announced (and still can't, because I can't upload anything)... it's at about 26K words now.

I have also been playing lots of Icewind Dale. I am in Lower Dorn's Deep feeling a bit guilty about the nameless neutral svirfneblin who KEPT spawning and walking straight into the lingering effects of the cloudkill I threw at the armored sentries, thus instantly dying and leaving me with a nice neat row of dead gnomes. Big green clouds should be a giveaway, guys!

Today workpeople were SUPPOSED to come (and didn't) so I was off the computer and digging into my DS backlog. Monster Tale is adorable. It is really more in the Metroidvania category than Wacky Puzzle Platformer but I don't currently have a tag for that (edit - but now I do kinda). But really, it's just what I needed - not too difficult, not patronisingly easy, fast-moving enough that I don't get fed up with being on a console (console RPGs often feel really draggy to me) and cute. The amount of available world is a good size for me to mentally keep track of places I wanted to go back to and check again when I got new powers, without needing the ability to notate maps. The only downside is that I suspect it's not all that long. (Well, and the lack of any ability to warp around. But the world's not THAT big so at least so far I don't mind.)

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