Friday, 30 March 2012

my subconscious author is fired

So, I dreamed that I was playing this complex visual novel / RPG cross set in an Ancient Floating City. It was both fully inhabited and a crumbling ruin, I don't know, maybe it was a ruined city on an otherwise inhabited flying island. And it was DOOMED. You were controlling huge numbers of characters who weren't related and having to jump back and forth to different locations to try and guide all of these people through all sorts of one-wrong-step-and-you're-dead situations to get them to the central chambers.

After having literally had a bridge dropped on some of my party and having to reload and try again, I finally get all my heroes to the central building.

Then out of nowhere a big glowing gem flies in through the window, flies past the heroes into the control chamber, activates itself, and saves the island, while all the heroes stand there looking confused and do absolutely nothing.

That, brain, is a BAD ENDING!

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Chunkations said...

lol that is pretty bad, I have dreams where most actions dont have consequences which is also pretty bad