Friday, 30 March 2012

heaving bosoms ahoy!

Someone is Let's Playing Plundered Hearts, an old text adventure I am slightly ashamed to admit I have never played.

Only slightly, since I can say with reasonable certainty that I was never aware of it during the time that it was available for sale. It was slightly too early for me to have been really well-versed in shopping for computer games. (I definitely did see a Zork game in a store once, but I didn't realise at the time that it was a text adventure!) I did purchase the Magnetic Scrolls Collection but that was many years later (and I don't think it was full-price-new when I bought it either).

I don't think I ever knew this title existed until I stumbled into the free interactive fiction community. They were, reasonably enough, in stated opposition to anyone pirating those old titles (especially since the community enjoyed a fairly good relationship with Activision at the time). And since there were plenty of free games available, I never did.

There doesn't seem much point now, good luck finding anywhere to buy it, but after having NOT done so for so long, I'd rather continue to not do so and read someone else playing it. :)

Also ARGH GOOGLE WHY DO YOU DO THIS? Not only has their stupid country-specific blogspot code broken disqus all over the web (not a problem here), not only has it caused the quick edit button to mysteriously disappear off blogs (a minor problem here), but it seems that also they're redirecting or hiding the solution to the problem. Searching for my missing quick edit pencil, I found lots of google help links in the search results! Every single one redirected to a central blogger site rather than take me through to the question and answer. THANKS GOOGLE.

... yes, I did find an answer somewhere, but SHEESH. this has been a known problem for a long time, why haven't they FIXED it?

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