Friday, 30 March 2012

pyrrhic even without the victory

So in today's adventures of trying to stop people from BUYING games, we have Sony blocking people from downloading games they've paid for. Fair enough on removing the game if it contained a security flaw, but surely people deserve refunds, even if they had a decent probability of being naughty people? (Edit - See comments, this may be reasonable.)

Also, apparently the new SimCity will require the shitty Origin software running, although at least they aren't complete (*&^#$nuts like Ubisoft and promise that the game will not self-destruct if your internet connection blips while you're playing.

Neither really affects me. I don't have a Vita. I have vaguely pondered it, since I cannot buy a 3DS due to Nintendo's intentionally crippling the things, but my games backlog being what it is, I'm not in a hurry to get a new console.


miruki said...

I do kinda get why Sony is taking such extremes regarding Motorstorm - Sony did suffer a lot from early piracy on the PSP and they surely can't afford that for the Vita with all the money they already lost due to lack of sales and expensive hardware etc.

And I do believe they can't really control patches for games unless the game is by an in-house developer. So taking the game down until the developer removed the exploit that allowed to run homebrew seems reasonable to me. Well, it would suck extremely if they never do anything about it and just leave it taken out of the store, but I'd think it will be back up again in a while.

I've btw heard / read about lots of people buying the game for the sole purpose of making use of the exploit - I dunno, I'd rather not have piracy hit the Vita so early, as much as I love the idea of homebrew, but I'm afraid that it might scare lots of developers off and since I really like the system so far, I'd like to see lots of good games being made for it. ;>

Whiner said...

Oh, I definitely understand taking the game down! But if people paid for it, there's a small problem with taking the game down and not refunding them.

Kazriko said...

I'm sure their reason for not doing a refund is that the game is still available for them to download to either a PSP or a PSP Go. There's lots of games I purchased on my PSP Go that I can't play on the Vita yet, but that's why I keep the PSP Go around. (Also, I have 5 games on UMD that aren't yet even available for the PSP Go, so I have to keep a PSP 3000 around too...)

Whiner said...

Ah, okay. That makes more sense then. :)

Kazriko said...

(What I found to be funny about this disparity between PSP and Vita playable games is that Atlus recently advertised sales on a number of PSP games and implied that they were for Vita... But two of the games were only playable on PSP. Sony needs to get more games over to the Vita.)

Kazriko said...

They're back up for Vita users now as well.