Wednesday, 10 October 2007

always a bridesmaid, never a bride

Princess Maker 4, unlike the earlier versions (but like Cute Knight) has little plotlines. You will see the same characters multiple times as the game progresses and have different events happen with them. Marie, for instance, has some insane guy fall for her and declare he's going to marry her, and there are several different events to see in this storyline before she gets rid of him. At least, I assume she gets rid of him, I'm not sure I ever saw the end of that story. It's hard to tell, especially when I can't quite read the language.

There's also the story of the character's true identity - YOU know she's part demon but SHE doesn't, and it depends on your choices whether she ever finds out and starts hanging out with demons and finds her blood father. Stay away from bad places and the demonic influence will have no effect on your game at all.

Of course, without a guide or a LOT of retrying, you'll have great difficulty finding all the events. Some are amazingly specific - you must be in this place at this time with these stats or you will miss this event forever and all the storylines that go with it. Other times, it can look like you're doing well, and then fail for no obvious reason. My first attempt, my daughter was always hanging out with Prince Charles, and when he asked her to dance at her debut ball, I thought this was a sign that they were going somewhere - but apparently not, I ended that game with no job or husband at all! No clue what I missed out on. Maybe I just wasn't famous enough.

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